Our Team

Ecoarb’s owner and director, Josh, has been working with trees for the last 20 years. He really enjoys the social interaction with clients and helping them in their gardens and properties, and ensuring that our clients are really happy with our work. Another important goal for Josh is to create a stable, exciting and fulfilling work environment for the team. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, playing drums and dirt bike riding.
Siane is Ecoarb’s accounts, advertising, payroll and social organising manager. She is married to Josh and together they have three children, or musketeers, as they like to call them. In her spare time, she runs her own small business called ‘The Protea Flower Farm’. She loves exploring and being with her family.
Ben studied at Wintec (Class of 2017-18), earning his certificate in arboriculture. His favourite things about the job is using machinery, chainsaws and visiting a variety of places/scenery he gets to see every week. He also enjoys the teamwork and comradery to get jobs done. He has been with Ecoarb since 2020. In his spare time, he likes to ride dirt bikes, listen to music, do outdoor activities and go on adventures.
Zac aka Zaccy
Zac studied arboriculture at Wintec (2017-18) and started at Ecoarb in 2019. His favourite things about the job is the variety that it offers like the different challenges he gets to face at the job every day, and getting to use chainsaws and chippers. He also loves climbing heights and getting the adrenaline going. In his spare time, he likes watching/playing sports, outdoor activities, listening to music and going to concerts.
Jacob studied arboriculture at Wintec (2021-22), and started at Ecoarb in June 2021. His favourite part of the job is the problem-solving required every day, and of course the excitement and thrill from climbing and using heavy equipment. He also enjoys being outside all day and not being confined to an office. Outside of work, his hobbies are being part of a hockey team and DJing at one of the local Hamilton clubs.
Loui is our mascot and can usually be found with Josh, cruising around in the ute in his hi-vis pup vest, and just generally making sure all the boys are doing a good job and the clients are happy!

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