Brush chipping


At times, you may have fallen branches, excess foliage or dead trees on your property. Whether these happen due to natural activities like bad weather, or manmade ones like tree pruning or removal, the timber can often be given a new lease of life by turning it into wood chips. Wood chips have a variety of uses, including landscaping, mulching and composting. This also ensures you do not have an eyesore sitting and rotting on your property.

Ecoarb is a team of arborists who are experts at brush chipping, or the process of turning foliage and branches into wood chips. We have chippers and other equipment necessary for our services, that can safely handle even large pieces of timber and ensure your green waste is reused.

Besides brush chipping, we offer a variety of tree maintenance services, like stump grinding, hedge trimming and tree planting, in Hamilton and the Waikato region. Contact us today for a quote by calling, emailing or filling out this enquiry form.


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