Tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Trees require regular pruning to ensure they avoid growing and spreading their branches into obstructions like overhead power lines, buildings, and even other trees themselves. It also helps with their natural growth, and gives you healthier and better shaped trees. You can also get rid of dead or damaged branches.

For a good pruning, it is best to rely on professional help. At Ecoarb, we are a team of arborists and tree specialists who can inspect the trees on your property and let you know which of them requires some love and care. We can safely trim and prune trees at your Waikato home, farm or commercial property. We have equipment and a crew of professionals with extensive expertise, who can handle even the most hazardous trees.

We also offer other tree maintenance services, like hedge trimming, brush chipping and stump grinding, in Hamilton and the Waikato region. Contact us today for a quote by calling, emailing or filling out this enquiry form.


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