Stump grinding


If you have ever gotten a tree on your property cut down, you may have been left with a stump. Such stumps can literally stick out like a sore thumb, against the rest of your landscaping. This can work against the image of the property, and even reduce its value. This is why, if you have a stump from a dead tree or are left with one after a recent tree cutting, you should consider getting it removed.

For professional stump grinding, you need expert help. At Ecoarb, we are a team of arborists and tree specialists who are experienced in stump grinding and have all the equipment for it. We can inspect tree stumps and let you know how big the job is, before we begin work. If you contract us to get a tree removed, we will ask you about stump grinding during our initial discussions.

We also offer other tree maintenance services, like tree restoration, pruning and brush chipping, and service Hamilton and the wider Waikato region. Contact us today for a quote by calling, emailing or filling out this enquiry form.


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