Hedge trimming

hedge cutting 1

Hedges are a great addition to any property. They not only improve the overall appearance of the garden, giving the entire property a well-kept and classy charm, but also are great for privacy. Keeping your hedges well trimmed and manicured can also help you fetch a better price if you’re looking to sell your property.

Hedge trimming calls for a certain expertise and skill that usually needs years of practice, which is why it is recommended to have professionals do it. The Ecoarb team has perfected hedge trimming to an art form. As arborists and tree specialists who have several years of experience under our belts, we can inspect the hedges on your property, offer recommendations for improvement and trim them.

Ecoarb also offers other services in Hamilton and the Waikato region, like tree removal, brush chipping and tree restoration. For a quote, get in touch with us today by calling, emailing or filling out this enquiry form.


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